Dissolution of Marriage

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For more than three decades, the Law Office of Anne E. Lewis has helped clients with divorce, serving as a dissolution of marriage law firm in Victorville. Having an experienced lawyer at your side to guide you through the legal process provides reassurance for making the right decisions, which is important because divorce can affect your life for many years to come.

What is marriage dissolution?
California divorce is referred to as dissolution of marriage under the California Family Code. Whether called divorce or dissolution of marriage, both terms refer to the legal process that ends a marriage, grants legal rights, and outlines parental obligations for child custody and support.

Divorce attorneys assist clients in all divorce-related matters, including child custody and support, property division, and in some cases spousal support. Couples must reach an agreement on all of these issues through an out-of-court settlement or resort to litigation.

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Anne E. Lewis, our dissolution of marriage lawyer in Victorville, can assist you and your spouse through mediation, collaborative law, negotiated settlement, or if issues cannot be resolved, litigate your divorce case in court. She is a Certified Family Law Specialist, Certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, with more than 30 years of experience.

Different types of marriage dissolution in California
The simplest type of California divorce is called a summary dissolution, which is limited to couples that have:

  • No children
  • Marriage of short duration
  • Minimal property
  • Minimal debt
  • An agreement on property and debt division

Even with couples who have children and considerable property, if they can come to terms on all divorce-related matters outside of court, they minimize the stress of divorce. When issues resolve outside of court, the divorce is referred to as uncontested. While not as straightforward as a summary dissolution, uncontested divorces generally move forward quickly. After the six month waiting period required by California law, an uncontested divorce is final. However, when couples cannot resolve one or more issues that are in dispute, the divorce is considered contested. Contested divorces go to trial and may take years to finalize.

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